First Strip Search Contest

First Strip Search Contest

So our first Strip Search Preliminary Contest has come and gone. Last night really was a great first showing. We started a little late, but once Maryelle got going with the hosting duties it really took off. Non-Stop laughter as the crowd ate it all up. I honestly haven’t seen such an engaged audience at a comedy contest before.

Going in I was told to keep an eye out for a few of the comedians to scout, so I was a bit disappointed that Mike Keegan was unable to make it due to scheduling with his new job. Though all of the comics really brought their best 5 minutes; I was most impressed by Michael Brigante, Dan Opp, Katie Finn, and Danny DelColle.

Our judges were Sheba Mason, Gladys Simon, Jeffrey Paul, and a fourth comedian whos name temporarily slips my mind (will add it later). Sheba had come up to Copper Face Jacks in White Plains to judges one of our contests there in the Fall of 2014.

While the judges gathered and we scooped up the ballots, Sean Donnelly (Comedy Central, Last Comic Standing) absolutely killed the crowd who was already flying high from the contests hilarity.

I was shocked last night because as soon as we took the judges out front to discuss their final thoughts they had unanimously chosen Danny DelColle to be the winner.

It was then time to get to the crowd ballots. It was extremely close here between Dan Opp, Michael Brigante, and Katie Finn; however it was Finn (who went last in the lineup) who won.

Spoke with Joseph Conklin today, and he has given Katie a guest spot on his show on Sunday, June 14th at Broadway Comedy Club.

I’m very excited for Danny and Katie who I expect big things from in the future. Getting audition spots at comedy clubs are so valuable today with such an abundence of comedic talent out there. We will see them back at Comic Strip Live on Thursday, September 3rd together where they will compete against four more finalists for a cash prize, and a Comic Strip Live audition!

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