Strip Search Pt. 2

Strip Search Pt. 2

Well two Comic Strip Live contests down and two to go!

Hindsight being 20/20, I would say that having a contest in NYC on the Thursday before 4th of July weekend was probably a pretty bad idea. I’m sure Maryelle Turner advised against it, but in all likelihood as a creature of habit I decided against moving it to keep it regular (First Thursday of the Month).

Regularity with shows is crucial to success, but despite the small crowd this was an outrageously fun contest.

For all of her worrying, Maryelle really is a great comic and a great person to work with and co-produce shows. I don’t know if I can say enough nice things about the mastermind of these contests. Producing and performing on the same show is not an easy task so when you see someone pulling it off well, they deserve credit.

Before the show, since we had low attendence I was joined outside by Michael Langan and Chris Vaccarelli as we attempted to bark in audience members. We failed miserably. Barking really is one of the most difficult things to do, and I couldn’t imagine doing it completely sober. While we were out there, I kept thinking about a great blog I read by Ben Rosenfeld ( which gets really deep into the nitty gritty about this art.


So 10 Comics entered, and only two are moving on to the finale! From my observation, talking with the judges, and reviewing the crowd ballots this really was an easy decision. The crowd winner deservedly went to John Kim who I have never seen peform before. The judges winner was almost tied between John Kim and Joseph Conklin, with Conklin prevailing.

I won’t say that I have any kind of bias, but it is exciting to see someone in comedy that you work with closely succeed and win. However in this contest. Westchester (and surrounding areas) really was well represented with Bill Cannon, Meredith Kramer, Daniel Laitman, Jeremy Cash, Chris Vaccarelli, and of course Conklin. These are good people who have been supportive of NoMa Comedy, and I am happy to see them performing, competing, and in Conklin’s case winning. Next months preliminary will see James Camacho, Brad Bruckner, Chrissie Mayr, and Debbie Bazza who have all been involved with NoMa shows recently competing too.

The judges for the contest were Gina Milo (Triple Threat Comedy), Rich DeLayo (NoMa Comedy), and Chris Cotton who also headlined our show. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Chris perform countless times and I never get tired of seeing him on stage. He recently has had excitement co-hosting the Artie Lange Podcast. If you ever are torn between seeing two conflicting comedy shows and you see Cotton’s name on a lineup, go to THAT show. Hell, if you see his name on any lineup, go out of your way to make sure you see him on stage.

After John Kim and Joseph Conklin, the general concensus was that Daniel Laitman and Rajat Suresh also put on impressive performances. They both garnered alot of attention from the judges who mentioned giving them spots on future shows.

Our next contest is Thursday, 8/6 at Comic Strip Live at 6PM. Tickets are on sale now!

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