Strip Search Part 3

Strip Search Part 3

Last but certainly not least, our third prelimary contest leading up to our big Comic Strip Live contest finale took place on August 6th. Yes this post is a bit delayed.

Maryelle Turner again hosted this like a champ despite losing two of our contestants at the last minute. So after a lineup jumble we were off and running. Similarly to our first contest, there was ALOT of talent. So much so that when it was all said and done, our judges Allan Finn (The Week in Sex Podcast), Craig Fox (Fox and Friendz), and Ginger Reiter (702 Punchlines and Pregnant) had a very difficult task in choosing winners.

Debbie Bazza, Chrissie Mayr, Michael Briskin… Michael Briskin, Debbie Bazza, Chrissie Mayr… Chrissie Mayr, Debbie Bazza, Michael Briskin… The judges and the crowd all had the same top comedians. However one thing was certain; Debbie Bazza absolutely stole the show.

We have these contests set up so that the Judges would choose their favorite, and the crowd would choose theirs. In the event that both were the same, we would have wild card winners. This was the case for August. Our first contest in June was similarly close where Katie Finn and Danny Delcolle were the winners with Dan Opp and Michael Brigante just missing prizes. In the end we were able to offer both Opp and Brigante wild card spots in our finale. July was a runwaway with Joseph Conklin and John Kim completely seperating themselves from the rest of the contest.

Our August contest we were fortunate to have judges who truly cared about the results and wanted the best to go forward. Debbie Bazza took both the Judges and Crowd prizes, with Chrissie Mayr and Michael Briskin winning Wild Card spots in the finale.

Interestingly enough, Debbie Bazza won her spot in August after winning ANOTHER contest in April at Barney McNabbs in Yonkers. The popular monthly comedy show produced by Joseph Conklin and Jeff Olsen (which is part of the NoMa Comedy family of shows) had 10 comics vying for their prizes of cash and spots. Debbie took first prize. So Debbie has now “beaten” 19 comics to get where she is, the finale on September 3rd.

Debbie who has appeared on The View has been enjoying a resurgence of success in comedy after being on and off again for a few years. She has become a force in the New York City comedy club scene as well as being seen regularly throughout Westchester and The Bronx. She is definitely hot right now, especially with comedy contests; so it is hard to disagree that she wouldn’t be the favorite for the finale in September!

All around, our third preliminary was fantastic. It’s hard to say anything bad about a show that closes out with Sam Morril who just had another appearance on Conan AND Last Comic Standing!

Our finale on September 3rd sees Maryelle Turner hosting with comics Dan Opp, Danny DelColle, Debbie Bazza, Joseph Conklin, Katie Finn, John Kim, Chrissie Mayr, and Michael Briskin competing. Mark Anthony Ramirez will be headlining the finale. SHow is at 6 PM, and is only $10! Hope to see you all there

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