Why Didn't You Come To The Show?

Why Didn't You Come To The Show?

Working in comedy, one of the most difficult things to do sometimes is fill a room. Whether you are a comedian, a booker, a producer; you are surely ecstatic to share your love and passion of live comedy with all of those you care about. Only problem is all of our lives get so busy and hectic sometimes that getting out of the house becomes too much of a challenge!

With that, we all notice trends in reasons and excuses. Maybe we give more credence to some over others; but either way we cetainly wish we saw our people a bit more. Occasionally being at a show becomes one of our few sources of social interactions we have and we miss seeing you, so why not have some fun at a show AND get to hang out and grab a drink!?

If you’re involved in the industry you have heard all of these… And if you aren’t involved, you have used some of these!

– It’s too late on a week night

– It’s too late on a weekend night

– It’s too early on a week night

– It’s too early on a weekend night

– They have food? I would have to have dinner there and it’ll be too much money

– They don’t have food? I would have to get dinner first and then it’d be too late

– The show is too far

– Let me know next time you’re performing closer

– There’s nobody good on it

– Why would I pay to see you? I see you all the time

– Well you’re funny at work already

– You’re not funny though

– It’s $20? It can’t be worth that much

– It’s free? It must be awful

– How many drinks do I have to buy?

– Does a soda count toward the ‘item minimum’?

– That’s too far in advance for me to make plans

– That’s way too short notice for me

– There’s a playoff game on

– There might be a playoff game on

– I can’t get a babysitter

– I’ve seen you perform before

– I’ll go if you can get me in for free

– You’re comping me? Na I don’t want to do that to you. I’d rather see you when I can pay

– I can’t figure out the online ticketing, forget it

– I couldn’t get the promo code to work

– It’s too close to the holidays

– Nobody is going to go there!

– Heard it might rain/snow

– I fell asleep!

– The baby won’t take to the bottle still, so I can’t leave

– What do you mean you HAVE to bring people?

– Will Bill Burr (insert any famous comics name) be there??

– (After Looking at Lineup), Who are these people?

– Since when does that place do comedy?

– I don’t think I got your Facebook invite

– Sorry, I stopped following your Facebook Invites

What are your favorite excuses and reasons that your friends, fans, and family have used to not come out and support you??? Add them and comment below!!!



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