Comedy Services

So it’s comedy, right? Oh no no, SO much more than that! We are a full service entertainment company that can actually cater to all of your event needs. Keeping it to comedy though, we can do everything for you. Booking, Ticketing,Graphic Designing and Equipment Rental are just a few things we can take care of for you when it comes to comedy shows.


So you have everything you need at your bar, club, party, or event? Ah right, you forgot the comedians! Let us give you the best comedy night you can imagine for your unique budget. With NoMa Comedy you can be sure your guests will leave raving about the show!

Through exclusive deals with some of the best comics in the country, you can be sure you will get every last laugh squeezed out of every penny you budget.


No sound, stage, lights, or mics? No problem. We have everything you need to create a comedy show ANYWHERE (yes, even your basement). Our prices and fees are the most reasonable in the business because the quality of your show and your satisfaction are most important to us.

Our team has some of the best graphic designers to create the perfect flyers and promotional materials for your event as well.

We can also provide our ticketing website for your event as well as creating custom tickets for you to sell or give out as promotional items!


We can also provide DJ’s, Photographers, Bands, and any other type of entertainment for your special event or party. We have worked with some of the greatest caterers and entertainers in the area and only use those that we trust the most and provide top notch service.

Your event is just as important to us as it is to you.