See & Hear what people are saying about NoMa Comedy

As a patron of a few NOMA comedy shows, I have to say they are well put together and quite funny. The talent I’ve seen has been top notch (especially Tommy Gooch)! ….. Frankie, when can I expect my check?

Rich Bennett

Patron, Local Business Owner

NoMa Comedy saved me from drowining when my ship was sank by Nazi’s in the Pacific corridor… Made me laugh too

Joseph Conklin

Comedian, Producer

NoMa Comedy gives the Westchester and Hudson Valley comic a welcome alternative to the NYC.

Bill Cannon


NoMa Comedy is bringing the COOL to Westchester! I feel thanks to Noma Comedy, Westchester & north of Manhattan is becoming a real hot spot for comedy. Their shows have been a blast to perform at with strong lineups; bringing to the area top talent and a great place for emerging talent to develop.

Maryelle Turner

Comedian, Actress

I was very excited to go to NOMA’s open mic this summer but then I got pneumonia and had to postpone. That really made pneumonia suck

Dave Hoffman

Musician, Actor

NoMa Comedy gave me the platform to pursue my passion for standup comedy. Whether it’s the free open mic’s, the convenient locations, or the supportive comedians, NoMa has created a unique experience for both newcomers and veterans alike. I used to spend every night in my basement apartment, but now I get out once a week to do comedy, and I even saw the sun the other day; all thanks to NoMa!

Tom Grossi

Comedian, Actor